Risk Management

The Risk Management function was established with responsibilities as the second line of defense in the Three Lines of Defense method within the Company's organizational structure to support the Company in achieving strategic goals and implementing all business strategies.
Implemented risk controls such as:
1) Policy
2) Procedure
3) Control System
4) Individual self-control
Risk identification in each function within the Company uses the risk register method, where risk identification is seen from 7 perspectives, namely Business Strategy, Operations, Brokerage Fixed Income and Equity, Investment Banking, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, and Legal & Compliance.
The assessment uses key risk indicators for each type of risk as follows:
1. Credit Risk
2. Market Risk
3. Liquidity Risk
4. Operational Risk
5. Legal Risk
6. Compliance Risk
7. Strategic Risk
8. Concentration Risk
9. Reputation Risk
The Risk Management Framework currently implemented by the Company: